About Us

PFM was founded by a group of dedicated business and entertainment-industry professionals who had been invited to consult and advise on a number of venue-related projects in New England. They saw the need for a company that could act quickly, responsively, and decisively to both public and private facility management needs, programming needs, marketing support, and fiduciary responsibilities.

Professional Facilities Management, Inc. (PFM) is a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of Providence Performing Arts Center, incorporated in 1988 in response to a growing need for objective evaluation and management of small-to-medium-sized performing arts facilities in geographically-diverse locations.  One of the first companies of its kind, PFM’s business is focused on what we know and do best – performing arts “product.”  Our corporate mission – to bring a wide variety of programming to the broadest audience while maintaining financial responsibility and sensitivity to local constituency needs – has guided PFM to past successes and promises future growth. PFM is governed by a Board of Directors who contribute successful business experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and a bottom-line focus.  Presently, PFM holds management/booking contracts in ten facilities located in eight states.