Stephanie Santos

Vice President of Ticketing Operations

Stephanie Santos grew up in the Ticketing Business. With her tenure with PFM dating back to 1994, Stephanie has worked with the world’s biggest performing arts and theatrical events as her career progressed from Box Office Representative to Box Office Supervisor, to Box Office Manager, Director of Ticketing, and now Vice President of Ticketing Operations for PFM.


From the outside looking in, many see Ticketing as an unexciting part of live events, from your perspective what gives you such passion about ticketing?

PFM places a very high value on Ticketing and this philosophy is an important part of what helps PFM venues be so successful. From consulting on pricing strategies to setting up the events and programming the ticketing software systems, to delivering great customer service by answering customer questions, and helping guide buyers to the very best seats, etc. Ticketing isn’t just important, we’re at the heart of every big show and the touring shows, producers and promoters, and customers count on us to make these systems work flawlessly, with every ticket to every show.

Stephanie Santos, Vice President of Ticketing Operations