Judy Ferreira

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

A 30+ year veteran with PFM, Judy Ferreira’s path started first as a PFM staff accountant, then controller and now CFO. With each step, Ferreira has built on the experience and value of a career that focuses on collaboration and includes accounting work with dozens of performing arts venues and thousands of events.


Accounting is often kept in the backroom with many management groups, but at PFM, financial data and financial stewardship has an equal seat at the table. Why is this so important to performing arts venues and events?

Finance plays such a vital role at PFM and PFM venues and in many ways is the engine or the base for all good business decisions. With our deep expertise on quantitative financial information and sound financial practices, it’s important to know that PFM’s specialty also includes an appreciation for the story that numbers can tell. The team at PFM truly understands the nuances of Performing Arts and more than anything I thrive on providing the data that helps our teams succeed. 

Judy Ferriera, Cheif Financial Officer & Treasurer