PFM Management sets your stage for success.

Theaters can be vibrant cultural and economic generators for the communities in which they reside.   PFM management accounts experience the efficiencies of PFM’s corporate services and the years of knowledge of PFM’s senior corporate staff.  Our objective is to provide our clients with exciting programming for the public in their communities.  Superior customer service, high quality programming, and efficient operations are our hallmark.  All accounting and event programming services are provided from our corporate entity, allowing our local operation to focus on customer service, marketing, and efficient facility operations.  

Our ability to program for multiple markets at once provides us with the capability to secure the best entertainment at the best price for our facilities.  

Our front of house and box office operation personnel are trained to provide the highest level of customer service, and our facilities are always kept in top condition.  

Our years of experience with restoration (in our historic theaters) and renovations and construction (in our newer theaters), has positioned us to be a valuable resource to our clients in directing facility improvements.

We bring all of our resources to your disposal when we manage your facility, and set your stage for success.

Finance & Business Management

Food & Beverage

Guest Experience