Janice Anderson

Director of Theatrical Programming

A veteran of both national Broadway tours and management roles on Broadway in New York City, Anderson’s heart has always been in the theater. A member of the PFM team since 2015, Anderson is responsible for Broadway Series across multiple PFM venues including contract negotiation, pricing, and logistics.



What’s an unexpected but important area that touring Broadway shows look at when thinking about the “best theaters” they perform at year-after-year?

Over and above the technical capabilities which certainly are important, it’s all about having enough “space” and having the “right space in the right places”. A touring Broadway show is like an Army moving from city-to-city with sometimes 10 to 20 trucks of scenery and equipment and up to 100 cast and crew members. Everything just works better, and the performances shine brighter in theaters with the right space and design.

Janice Anderson, Director of Theatrical Programming