Alan Chille

Vice President

Some say Alan Chille is the heartbeat of PFM. A 30-year veteran of the company, Chille oversees or consults with General Managers and Executive Directors at PFM venues on all areas of event operations and theater infrastructure. Chille’s expertise is unsurpassed in Event Operations, Technical Production including sound and lighting, Theater Design, Renovation and New Construction, Food & Beverage Operations, and Capital Improvements to help drive new revenues and operating efficiencies. 

Why is Chille so sought after for his operational input and feedback?

My primary goal is to first create a collaborative relationship. With that as the foundation, the team of PFM and venue staff and leadership can focus on making the experience of both the guests and visiting shows the best they can be. We’re in the memory-making business and when our guests are smiling, then so am I.

Alan Chille, Vice President